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A few reasons to consider the Dominican Republic
the Samana Peninsula, and Las Galeras.

Although the Dominican Republic is one of the fastest growing destinations in the Caribbean,
it is still a bargain hunter's dream. People have only recently begun to discover the country
and all that it has to offer.
Any investment you make here is almost certain to grow, and grow safely.  
The DR is one of the most economically and politically stable countries in Latin America.  

Ownership and tax policies, reasonably priced land, and inexpensive labor allow you to
enjoy a lifestyle that would be beyond your reach in Europe or North America 

80 million baby boomers in the United States alone are going to retire
over the next 18 years and their number one requirement is “being near water”.
Spots with access to the beach or with ocean views are going to be in high demand
and the
 newly constructed El Catey airport and new highway from Santo Domingo make it 
easier than ever to get to the Samana Peninsula.

Not ready to invest? Las Galeras is a fun and affordable tropical destination.

wim, snorkel, or soak up the Caribbean sun while a delicious lunch of fresh fish
or seafood is prepared for you. Hike a scenic trail, explore one of the white sand beaches
the DR is known for, 
mountain bike, scuba divehorseback ride
to a remote beach or waterfall, sport fish, whale watch, ride the Samana zip line,
longest in the Caribbean.